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Regina Ralston has her M.Ed. in counseling and human services from Northern Arizona University.  She is a former family caregiver.  She was a distance caregiver for her Mom who had Alzheimer’s for 10 years.  During that time, her husband developed vascular dementia and was also on the dementia journey for 10 years.  While she was a 24/7 caregiver for her husband, Regina was an intake specialist for a local non-profit.  She facilitated and organized 7 caregiver support groups covering the various stages of dementia care including grief before loss and grief.  She created and produced an international webinar with Parkinson’s Disease Foundation of NYC on “Hallucinations, Dementia and Night Terrors” in Parkinson’s Disease.  She also was the creator of a nationally televised health segment with Leesa Gibbons and Joan Lunden regarding a caregiver support group incorporating the use of an art museum in caregiver respite.  She has collaborated with many area human service agencies to produce educational caregiver forums.  In the past two years, she has also written a weekly Caregiver Coach column in a local newspaper.  As a former caregiver herself, caregiver support is her passion.