What are you doing for yourself?...Journaling?

Hi!  I am sitting and reading more this week since I twisted my knee last Friday.  No fun!  So, I was writing out some information for my email newsletter for About Seniors and was thinking about the fact that so many facilitators of groups urge people to journal.  I have never enjoyed journaling; it is too much like work!  Also, I get so intense about doing it that I feel guilty if I skip a day.  I don’t like that.  What to do?  I recently attended a caregiver respite day as an observer.  I wanted to learn more about what people are showing caregivers that can help give them a little relief from the constant of caregiving.  Don’t you know that one of the suggestions was journaling!  Okay……here we go again.  BUT, this presenter added something I had not tried……doodling.  Just that?  I do like to doodle……no expectations and no rules.  Breathe.  Ok…….I tried it……and epiphany…..it was good!  I found myself getting carried away by the doodles and even tried coloring them with colored pencils.  After the exercise, guess what?  I actually did feel more relaxed.  Is it possible that this doodling in a journal can work?  I think it just might!  Try it yourself, and let me know if it works for you.  5 minutes or 50……I do believe it can be good.  Take care…..check in with you later……Regina