Holidays for Caregivers and Loved Ones

Hi......I hope your holiday weekend is going well.  I know that celebrations can be full of fun and family; however, for someone caring for a person with Parkinson's or with dementia, it can pose a time of more work and some difficulty.  If I have one word of advice for caregivers during holidays, it is "simplicity."  Keep whatever you are doing and sharing simple.  Lots of noise and activity can confuse someone who is dealing with a neurological challenge.  It may be difficult for that person to sort out all the people and places.  Always be sure to find a place in the house where your loved one can find some quiet time.  Dealing with a disease is tiring, and adding to the activities of the day can sometimes be overwhelming.  It is for most of us.  That being said, enjoy your time together.  Wear something red, white and/or blue.  Enjoy the freedom that being a citizen of the USA provides.  Take care......Regina