Still Wondering about What Is Placement?

Placement is an option for caregivers and for people who are dealing with a long term debilitating illness like Parkinson’s Disease, Alzheimer’s Disease, advanced cancers, etc. It entails helping families look for another living environment which will provide more care for someone. Most often placement is going to be in a group home, a continuing care community, a memory care facility or a skilled nursing campus.  When someone’s health is compromised so that they can no longer toilet themselves or feed themselves that may be the time to consider placement. I know that there are hundreds of choices in our West Valley. If the thought of searching out the right place for your loved one is overwhelming, About Seniors can help in finding the right place. They will help you determine which kind of facility may be best for your loved one taking into consideration the costs involved as well as your preferences and the needs of the individual being considered for placement.  Placement help does not cost you anything. A fee is paid by whatever home you might choose to the placement company. So, for ease and comfort, About Seniors is often a good choice for caregivers. If you are considering placement, we are always happy to come chat with you about what the process is and how we can help.  At a time when you are stressed, anxious, worried, About Seniors can help suggest options.  Please feel free to write here and ask more questions if you need more clarification.  Take care........Regina