Use It or Lose It, Keeping Your Mind & Body Active

There is an old expression which says "use it or lose it!"  That has proven to be quite true.  So, yes, it is good to keep your mind and your body active. 

One of the medical journals/newsletters which I read and refer to a lot is from Massachusetts General Hospital in Boston.  It is called "Mind, Mood & Memory."  It is a monthly publication which addresses many of the issues involving our minds, our moods and our memories.  In one of these newsletters, they wrote about an acronym (making a word out of the first letters in a series of words) called "GULP". 

Here is what they said:     

"It has been shown that using active learning strategies can help maintain your memory.  Use the acronym "GULP" to help you remember this strategy:

          1.  Get it.  Pay attention, focus, and experience new information with multiple senses.

          2.  Use it.  Repeat new information: review it immediately, write it down, draw it, say it or sing it.

          3.  Link it.  Associate what you want to learn with something you already know.  Alphabetize it, categorize it. 

          4.  Picture it.  Create a visual image.  Exaggerate it like seeing a giant pill bottle by the door to remember to refill your prescription.  The more actively you try to imagine what you want to recall, the better you'll remember.

 I have also heard that if you do something (like driving to the grocery store) the same way every day, it is healthier for the brain if you vary your route!  Another simple way to stimulate your brain is to get together and socialize with other people. Conversation is stimulating whether you are with friends, family or are in a support group. 

Any comments??......Regina