Who handles transport after discharge from a Hospital or Skilled Nursing Facility?

As a placement Company in Arizona, one commonly asked question by our clients during the placement process is, “who handles transportation for my loved one to a long –term care facility, after they are discharged from the hospital or rehabilitation facility”?

Ideally, everyone wants to return to their own home after a hospital stay or recovery in a rehabilitation facility.  However, if a patient is NOT returning directly back to their home or original living arrangement, there are a few different situations in which transportation from a Skilled Nursing Facility or Hospital is handled.  Some are No-charge services and some are private pay.  

1. Hospice:  If the patient is on hospice, hospice typically provides transportation for discharge to a home, community or hospice unit.

2. Private:  Typically the family must provide transport so long as the patient can safely transfer in and out of a passenger vehicle.  If the patient is bed or wheelchair-bound the placement agency or discharge planner can coordinate Non-Emergency Medical Transport that can handle specialized equipment.  In Maricopa County, the cost for this typically ranges from $75-$150 depending on distances, and the cost is paid directly to the 3rd party transport company.

3. Community Transportation: Many Adult and assisted living communities may provide transport upon an admission to their community.  This varies greatly and should be advocated by the patient’s family or the placement agency.

In any of the above situations, a quality agency will and should coordinate and facilitate all aspects of transportation for their clients, regardless of the distance or complexity. If you have questions about how this works or when this situation applies, please feel free to contact About Seniors at (602) 772-6490 or email info@aboutseniorsaz.com.  Thank you!