Growing Evidence on Parkinson's

Since I am a facilitator for a Parkinson’s Caregivers Support Group, I am always reading about recent research and information which I can post here and share with those families who may have a loved one with this disease.  Here is a little from a recent article published in “Movement Disorders”, the Journal of the International Parkinson and Movement Disorder Society:

Growing Evidence

Evidence of a link between various cognitive and developmental disorders and bacteria living in the gut is growing. Studies have shown a difference in the microbiomes of children living with autism and children not on the spectrum of autism disorders. Now, research is emerging that suggests a link between gut bacteria and Parkinson’s disease.

According to Haydeh Payami, Ph.D., professor in the Department of Neurology, at the University of Alabama (UAB) School of Medicine, “Our study showed major disruption of the normal microbiome — the organisms in the gut — in individuals with Parkinson’s.” Researchers are unsure which comes first, the microbial disruption or the disease. They will have to continue studying to see if having Parkinson’s causes changes in the bacteria or if abnormalities in the microbiome contribute to the development of the disease.

The study consisted of 197 Parkinson’s sufferers and 130 control subjects. “