Passionate Advice from an E.R Doctor about a trip to the Emergency Room

Hi Everyone………….recently, I had an opportunity to attend a presentation by an ER doctor in our locale.  He was very passionate about what we all need to know about a visit to the ER.  Of course, he emphasized the importance of having your Powers of Attorney up-to-date and having those readily available for any emergency hospital visit.  That orange paper that talks about DNR (do not resuscitate) needs to be on your fridge or in some prominent place where emergency personnel may see it.  If you need any of these papers, see the listing on the website’s home page (link is below).  You will be able to download them to your home computer.  They need to be witnesses but not notarized. 

          A point about which the doctor was adamant was having the courage and the ability to refuse tests and care when you do not want them in the face of a diagnosis which will not change due to any intervention.  He said we need to bring what is in our hearts into a conversation and that we have a right to self-determination…..i.e…the right to die.  He pointed out that death is a scary thing in our culture.  But, it is quite simply another transition to another place.  When we were born, we transitioned into this life.  When we die, we simply transition out.  It is a part of our lives.

          Recently, PBS had a program on this topic.  Here is the link from Frontline:  The doctor referenced in this program was Atul Gawande who wrote a best selling book entitled “Being Mortal.”  Again, the topic was dying and how to make that process less painful, stressful, difficult, and how to make that transition easier. 

          Let me know what you think of the PBS program.  In the meantime, take care…….Regina