Why a Support Group???

Hi Everyone…….as you know, I was a caregiver support group facilitator for many years.  One of the questions I heard often was “why should I go to a support group”?  At About Seniors, we believe in the support of caregivers who are taking care of a loved one with a long term illness and especially those who may be experiencing “grief before loss”.  Therefore, we have weekly support groups for caregivers in these positions.  For those who prefer a less public support experience, we offer one on one support sessions weekly as well.  See our support group listing on our website (http://www.aboutseniorsaz.com/support-groups/)  for addresses and times.  However, back to that initial question……why a support group?  Here are some of the reasons to consider joining a group:

  1. Sharing common experiences and learning coping strategies…..together
  2. Exploring and sharing solutions to problems……together
  3. Finding emotional outlets and receiving support from peers dealing with similar situations
  4. Forming new friendships and discovering a sense of community and belonging
  5. Developing new skills through education and resource identification
  6. Helping others while still helping yourself…..it has been proven in research that this does work

I recently found this sentence which is a description of caregiving and liked the image associated with it:  “Caregiving is like a kaleidoscope that continually changes dimensions with each turn. Throughout this uncertain journey, receiving support from others may be the one constant factor that keeps you on track.”

Here are some online resources for you which may give you an option of an online support as well. 

Take care……join a support group!......Regina