A Message From Regina


Hi Everyone.......

When someone has been in the hospital and needs more therapies before returning to his/her home, rehab may be needed. Be assured that we do have many fine centers in our area, and an online search for rehabs can assist in that search.  About Seniors can help you as well for no cost to you. 
If you attend a support group for help with your loved one, ask the members there if anyone has used one recently. That is many times a great resource. However, I always like hearing that people want to do their homework before choosing a location for a loved one.

Here is a definition I found online for what a rehab center is:
“A rehabilitation center is a facility that seeks to help individuals recover from a variety of ailments, some physical and others caused by substance abuse or mental illness. Some centers offer residential areas, where those being treated will stay overnight. Others are strictly outpatient facilities. Many will specialize in either physical rehabilitation, or substance abuse rehabilitation.

A physical rehabilitation center offering residential services often doubles as a nursing home, though depending on the setup, the patients may be kept separately. These homes are especially good for those who require a substantial amount of physical rehabilitation. Often, for those who live alone after surgery, a rehab center may be the only option until they regain their mobility. This allows them to have someone else focus on the daily duties, such as cooking and cleaning while they are able to work on physical and occupational therapy.

This type of rehabilitation center is often a cheaper option than a hospital setting. It also offers an intermediate level of care between the hospital and home environment. Further, there are usually full time occupational and physical therapists on staff. These individuals will often work with patients on a daily basis to help in the recovery process. This daily attention may provide the quickest path to recovery.”

So, as you read, rehab is usually less expensive than a hospital and offers therapies that help the person become more independent as they transition back to home. In Sun City West, “Choice” is a rehab center as well as a nursing home. Sometimes, rehabs and nursing homes are combined. In Surprise, there is Sante Rehab, and in Glendale/Peoria area there is Health South. Ask your physician and hospital social worker for their suggestions too.

For more information, visit these facilities yourself. That is often the best determination. Ask questions and observe. If you like a place or do not like a place, let that be your guide.  Please email me if you have any questions.  Take care……Regina