About Seniors is a family owned and operated business with over 20 years of combined medical, health care and eldercare placement experience in the Phoenix Valley.  What separates About Seniors from other placement agencies is our extraordinary command of the care facilities and homes available for our clients.  We have built and established professional relationships with the owners and managers, and fully understand the capabilities, strengths and weaknesses of each facility.  This knowledge translates into being able to discern which care communities are the most appropriate for our clients. 

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About Seniors STAFF


Christina Cave About Seniors

Christina Cave manages day to day operations for About Seniors.  Professionally, Christina has been in the industry for over 16 years in Arizona.  Christina gained her passion in health care at a very young age, when she was tasked with the responsibility of caring for her grandmother.  Through her own experience of trying to get suitable long-term care for her grandmother, she became aware of the complex medical and emotional issues surrounding placement.  Drawing from this experience Christina is able to educate families and discuss real issues of long term care and placement while creating an extremely comfortable environment for clients in crisis.  She has experience in home health care, as a coordinator in an assisted living center and for the past 14 years as a placement consultant. In addition, for the past 7 years, Christina has volunteered herself to facilitate and lead a weekly support group for families and people who have been diagnosed with Dementia.


Bill Cave About Seniors

Bill Cave, BHSA is Director of Client Services for About Seniors and responsible for many aspects of client tours, client advocate, as well as industry education and access to community resources.  Bill is also a volunteer and for the last 5 years, has been donating himself to the Benefits Assistance Program run by the Area Agency on Aging as a Medicare (SHIP) Counselor.  Bill is a public presenter for the Benefits Assistance Program and member of the Senior Medicare Patrol.  Facing similar circumstances as Christina, Bill's passion stems from personal experience as power of attorney over his grandfathers estate and long-term care.  Due to the lack of a pre-planned estate, as well as complex business and financial issues, Bill eventually had to assume power of attorney and deal with the emotional and personal adversity that can often come with a crisis situation and the need to understand resources and the impact of care decisions.  Bill earned his bachelor’s degree in Administration of Health Services from Ithaca College, New York.

Kelly Taylor About Seniors

Kelly Taylor is the Senior Office Administrator for About Seniors.  She is an integral part of the staff and responsible for client coordination as well as customer contact during main business hours.  Kelly joined About Seniors in 2012 and has over 8 years of experience has a healthcare administrator.   Having handled, literally hundreds of cases during her tenure as an administrator that Kelly realized the value and satisfaction that comes from helping families in crisis. Before finding her passion in administrative work, Kelly was also a private duty caregiver for 2 years.


Regina Ralston About Seniors

Regina (Thibideau) Ralston, M.Ed. is Director of Community Relations for About Seniors and brings incredible depth of experience and expertise in our efforts to give back to the community.  Regina produces monthly newsletters as well as heading special educational and social programs for health professionals, caregivers and their families.  Regina’s passion for family caregivers has been demonstrated many times in the array of programs she has helped institute over the years.  Regina has been a Caregiver Coach for Benevilla and produced a weekly column in the Daily News Sun.  She has facilitated support groups for Alzheimer’s and for Parkinson’s Caregivers. She has a Master’s degree in Education from NAU with an emphasis on Counseling and Human Services. Personally, Regina has also been a long distance caregiver for her Mom who had Alzheimer’s and a 24/7 caregiver for her deceased husband who traveled the Alzheimer’s journey for 10 years. 


Jeffrey Sarkies About Seniors

Jeffrey Sarkies, M.Div, M.Ed. is the Client Support Specialist and group facilitator for About Seniors.  Most recently, Jeffrey has been a hospice chaplain in Arizona, answering the call for grief and loss for families in need during all hours of the day and night. For About Seniors, Jeffrey now specializes in grief and grief before loss on both the group and individual support levels, in a more conventional capacity.  However, Jeffrey brings an incredible wealth of experience spanning well over 5 decades, including as an academic educator, prison chaplain, and congregational pastor.  Jeffrey has also provided Spiritual Care for children dying with leukemia.  It was in this capacity that Jeffrey first realized his gift and calling as a support provider.   Jeffrey possesses Master’s degrees in both Divinity and Education.


Walter Ralston About Seniors

Walter Ralston, PhD is technical and marketing consultant to About Seniors and will have various responsibilities in web production, research and CEU educational program development for the Company.  Walter has been a volunteer in the non-profit industry and has personally experienced and understands the challenges facing seniors today and how to best navigate the senior health care landscape. Professionally Walter has a PhD and is also a webcast professional with Netbriefings.



Jo Cave, RN is a nurse consultant to About Seniors.  She brings over 35 years of hospital and outpatient nursing experience and has been in patient care from both a hands on and management perspective.  Jo has the experience necessary to oversee the proper assessment our clients, but more importantly to help ensure that the facilities and homes will also meet the specific medical needs of our clients.  Jo has also had to make difficult decisions and seek long term care options for loved ones in her own life.  It is through her experiences, personally and professionally, that Jo helps About Seniors provide the highest level of service available.  Jo is originally from New York, where she earned her degrees in nursing and psychology.  She was a registered nurse in New York for over 20 years in the Northeast and now in Arizona for the last 10 years.