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My 92-year old Aunt was diagnosed with dementia. Having no idea where to start, her doctor’s office recommended About Seniors. I immediately called About Seniors. The next day Christina was at my home talking to me about options for my Aunt. Christina also visited my Aunt in order to see what would work best for her. I looked at several Care Homes. I found the perfect place for my Aunt. 

The first time I visited Parkridge Assisted Living, LLC., I knew this was “the” place for my Aunt. I was impressed from the moment I walked into the house. The rooms are cheerful, and the residents look very happy and well taken care of. My Aunt is very happy at Parkridge. She considers the place her home. In fact, she looks like a new person. She is eating healthy meals, participating in activities, and getting her medication at the proper times. A couple of weeks ago she actually thanked me for moving her to Parkridge. Simona, the owner, is always welcoming. She refers to the residents as, “her ladies.” I have peace of mind knowing that my Aunt is happy and being well taken care of.

Hi Christina, haven’t connected with you for awhile but just wanted to give you an update as far as my mom living in Villa Theresa. Moving her there was the best decision ever! Thank you so much for taking me there to look months ago. Mom is so happy and comfortable there and everything there is very positive and caring. Claudia is such a sweet person and we have become good friends. Thank you.

Also, major thank you for planting in me the idea of applying for the Aid and Assistance benefit from the VA for mom. I never had heard of that before you told me she might be eligible. I wound up finding a wonderful online forum that aids in helping people apply for this benefit (for free) instead of paying someone to help. So, I did the entire application process myself with knowledge I gained off of that forum. I sent in the first paperwork to the VA in May, sent the entire application packet in August, and this week we received the ruling from the VA that mom will be receiving the maximum monthly benefit and she will get back-pay also to May! This helps the financial situation so much. Now we don’t have to worry about her money running out and we no longer have stress about the cost of assisted living. This is all thanks to YOU. I will forever be thankful to have connected with you in the first place, you have made such a major impact in dealing with mom’s living, and now, financial situations. 

Blessings to you and your family for a wonderful Christmas.


We really appreciate the work you did on our behalf. Your efforts allowed us to make the best of a difficult situation, and without your assistance we would still be trying to figure out how to navigate the system. We really expected that at best we would be in court next week attempting to gain guardianship, and starting the ball rolling on seeking conservatorship. We expected that to be a long drawn out, difficult experience.

We are extremely pleased with the group home run by Maria, and went to Thanksgiving dinner there last night. Our Dad seems to be adjusting and it is clear that not being by himself will be very beneficial. We feel very grateful that we have our Dad in the best possible situation and are well aware that your assistance in this matter was the difference.

Thanks again!

Dear Christina, 

My gratitude project consists of writing 75 people, letting them know how grateful I am  to have had them in my life.  You are one of the 75 I chose.  Too often we forget to say ‘thank you ‘, and so I am doing so now.  I am very grateful for your listening ear, and your respectful way of treating all problems that overwhelm us as we age.  You touch so many lives and hearts, and mine was one of those—even though it was just for a short time.  I could not have accomplished what I needed to do without your (and the group’s) support.  You made a huge difference at a very stressful time in my life.  And you continue to help others as you did me.  Thank you so very much for all you do for others, and for what you did for me.  I appreciate you very much.